Zepto Express

Due to the rapid growth of eCommerce in Malaysia, demand for last mile delivery solutions continues to ncrease.ZeptoExpress recently expanded its high-technology delivery solutions to Sabah, East Malaysia, through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with EPost Zepto Express is actively participating in start-up event such as Bloconomic 2019, Perak Start-Up Festival,and Karnival Wanita Kearah Keusahawanan. They also become the official Official Premium Delivery Company for AME2019. They also expandig their business into ZeptoAir, ZeptoTruck and ZeptoCar. Zepto is continuing to grow from strength to strength forging partnership with Pos Malaysia to gain access to their fleet and providing their technology solution to help them better manage their capacity. At the same time, Zepto has also expanded their presence to east Malaysia through NCT Group and partnered up with thelorry.com in Malaysia.

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